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Floridians are facing an imminent increase in electricity bills starting April 2023 due to storm restoration costs and unpredictable natural gas prices. Tampa Electric, Florida Power & Light, and Duke Energy have filed rate increases with the Florida Public Service Commission, with potential increases ranging from 10% to 20%.

Skymark Solar offers a solution to help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. By investing in solar panels, you can minimize electricity bills and become more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Reason behind the proposed rate increases by power companies

The proposed rate increases are due to storm restoration costs incurred from hurricanes Ian and Nicole, along with unpredictable natural gas prices. For instance, Duke Energy customers will see a 20% monthly increase or $33.49 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours. If the proposed plans are approved, TECO and FPL customers’ electric bills will increase by about 10% or around $14 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours.

Tips to Reduce Energy Bills:

  • Change A/C filter monthly
  • Lower temperature on water heater
  • Turn off ceiling fans when not in the room
  • Limit running pool pump time
  • Replace old showerheads with water-efficient ones
  • Adjust water level on washing machine
  • Use auto-sensor function on dryer

While Florida’s residents wait for a decision from state regulators, Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy, and TECO are recommending customers to practice energy-saving tips to help ease the financial strain.

Skymark Solar: A long-term solution

Investing in solar panels from Skymark Solar can provide an avenue to minimize electricity bills. Skymark Solar’s custom design proposals and free quotes offer a no-obligation way to get started. Florida’s residents are encouraged to consider the switch to solar hot water systems as a long-term solution for energy independence, cost savings, and environmental protection. By reducing dependence on traditional power suppliers, customers can become more energy-efficient, sustainable, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Contact Skymark Solar for a no-obligation custom design proposal or a free quote to start saving money and helping the environment. With Florida Power & Light’s approved rate increase, your bill could increase up to $14.79 depending on your location.

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